meElly Gibson is a purple-haired writer, designer, 3D modeler, and artist based in New York’s Capital Region.

Hi there. I have worked for a handful of newspapers in both New Mexico and New York state as a reporter, copy editor, photographer, and feature writer. I am currently freelancing for online magazines and other publications, writing poetry, 3D modeling/printing, and doing other cool, weird art stuff.

I graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Business Administration, but never seemed to fit in with my corporate-bound classmates.

I currently live in Albany, New York, with my husband Steven; our cat, Arthur; and two dogs, Steven (whom I met before I met my husband) and Edgar.

When I’m not writing articles and personal essays (or the occasional limerick), you’ll probably find me 3D printing something while listening to some podcast where cool celebrities interview other cool celebrities.