I’m quitting social media for a month — here’s why

Every morning, the second after I wake up, I feel around in the dark for my phone.

“Where the hell is it?” I ask myself. “Did I leave it on the chair? The floor?” I start to get panicky if I can’t find it within 30 seconds. “Did one of the dogs chew it up? Is my phone — my whole life — gone forever?”

It’s usually under my pillow or wrapped up in the covers since I always fall asleep looking at it.

Once I’ve found it, I immediately check my notifications. Then I hop over to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even LinkedIn if I’m bored enough. And I keep doing that — all day long.

I don’t think there’s a waking hour when I’m not holding the damn phone in my hand.

It’s very apparent I have a problem here. I think one main reason I’m on social media so much (especially Facebook), is because most of my family lives thousands of miles away. I don’t have a single relative in a 350-mile radius — and even then, that’s a second cousin. I want my mom to know I’m doing well; that’s really important to me. Even more so, I want to know that she’s doing well.

So I’ve decided to do an experiment. I’m going to give up social media — at least for a month, starting tomorrow. I was going to wait until August 1, but there’s no real reason to wait. It’s not a novel idea or anything, I’m aware of that. But it’s going to be a challenge nonetheless.

Here are my self-imposed rules/guidelines:

  1. Delete the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn apps from my phone.
  2. Emails and texting are permissible.
  3. Install Google Chrome plugins (such as StayFocusd) to keep me from looking at social media on my computer.

And here are some self-imposed goals:

  1. Read at least one book per week. More are preferable.
  2. Create something besides writing (painting, embroidery, crafts, sewing, etc.) at least twice a week. More is preferable.
  3. Go on a day trip or two with my husband to places we haven’t been before.

Additionally, I’m going to make a conscious effort to not replace my addiction with another one, too. I won’t stuff my face full of Oreos when I’m bored. I won’t download any games from the app store, or watch TV to fill up the time. Instead, I’ll read more. I’ll jot down daily notes in a real physical journal. I’ll talk to people face-to-face more. I’ll sew things. I’ll get out of the house and go to coffee shops and parks and try things I’ve never done before.

I don’t want my life to revolve around my phone, or social media, or Twitter trolls.

It’ll be an experience.


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