In a league of my own

Sometimes, life will throw you a curveball. Other times, you're lost in left field while being pummeled by the other team with dozens of baseballs and tennis balls and bowling balls from each and every direction. Now, I know very little โ€“ if anything โ€“ about the rules of baseball, but I'm pretty sure the… Continue reading In a league of my own


From psych ward to ‘I’m bored’

I don't want to be boring. But I have a dishwasher. And a washer and a dryer. And a shower head that can accommodate for my height. My dishes no longer air dry on the barely-anchored-to-the-wall rack above the sink in a tiny, dusty kitchen. My clothes no longer get schlepped to the village laundromat… Continue reading From psych ward to ‘I’m bored’