Cigarette & Coffee Stains



Cigarette and Coffee Stains is my debut poetry chapbook filled with irreverent limericks and wacky, often-nonsensical ink doodles. The book was both written and illustrated by me. I did (almost) all of the doodles during inktober 2018 with a micron pen, a sharpie pen, and a black marker. A few of the drawings were edited slightly on my laptop to get the ink black as midnight on a moonless night.

As for the words, I’ve always loved writing silly limericks. I’ve been writing limericks since I was a teenager and my aunt said, “Well, you are Irish.” I suppose I am, Linda. I suppose I am a little bit. I think my ancestry is mostly English and German and Dutch though. Back to the book.

I wanted the chapbook to have a certain DIY aesthetic to it because DIY is punk as fuck. “DIY until you die,” that’s what I always never really say at all. I wanted it to feel inky and tinny and crusty and obviously handmade but I also wanted it to feel vintage-inspired and minimalist and carefully-curated like I slaved over a typewriter. Because it was all of that — well, except for the typewriter bit. I just used my laptop.