Everything Happens So Much

Everything Happens So Much (1)Everything Happens So Much is my debut novel. The book follows two main characters, both in their mid-20s, over the course of a little under a year of their lives as they navigate friendships, relationships, existential ennui, going back home, and finding their place in the world. Technically, it is a novella, as it’s around 30,000 words. It makes for a good Sunday afternoon read.

You can find it for sale on Amazon (both Kindle e-book and paperback versions) by clicking here or you can buy the paperback version directly from Blurb, which is what I used to self-publish. Feel free to leave a review if you loved it or, if you don’t love it, maybe don’t. I don’t know. I’ve never written a book before. Maybe consider being nice about it, at least, since it’s my first go at this sort of thing. I mean, just consider it.

I think maybe I’ll look back on the book one day and think, “Wow this crap is total garbage compared to what I’m writing now.” Or maybe I’ll think, “Writing this book really got me motivated to write all my other books and now I’m a millionaire author who lives in a castle in New Zealand.” Or maybe, “I wrote a book once. I still write books. And I’m content.” Either way, this is just the beginning.